Monday, September 22, 2008

Regret On Behalf of a Town

I fittingly overheard this at a sheepskin boots booth at the Boulder Fine Arts Festival:

"And every time she goes back there she gets an overwhelming sense of regret, because everything she remembers has changed."

Odd, to feel regret on behalf of something else (in this case, presumably a city or a town). I always thought of regret as being defined by something you wish you had done differently. Not something that, out of your hands, turned out differently by itself. I am assuming here, of course, that the woman in question didn't leave her hometown in flames, set off by her lighting fire to the city hall after freeing all the prisoners from the jailhouse and inciting revolutionary thoughts in all the townsfolk.

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Dan R said...

Maybe she doesn't feel regret on behalf of something, but rather regret that she didn't get to experience enough what that something used to be or she didn't stay to make sure it hadn't changed.

There is loss in change, though, that is for sure, and we can't help sometimes losing something when we change.

An old professor of mine used to quote that "Growth is the Mastery of Loss."

Meaning, we mature when we can master the loss in our changes because in many cases, change is not always optional, but our attempt to master what we lose when we change is (even though we can't always recognize it).